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Full Version: Parking on pavement sign confusion
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Hi All,

I've just found this site and joined after googling for information on parking fines and am hoping for some advice about a PCN I received this morning. I was parked fully on the pavement in a road that has signs to allow this but it appears I may have misread the way the signs allow pavement parking.

The signs allowing pavement parking are traffic facing but on the other side of the same pole there is a sign saying no pavement parking. There are no road markings either side. And you can't see the no pavement parking signs as you're driving along but to top it off my car crosses both sides of the pole.

Any advice for an appeal letter would be greatly appreciated.
Post the PCN and Google Street View of location.

These signs with no bays often have arrows pointing in the direction of parking and are mounted parallel to the carriageway so this is confusing.
Hi Stanfordman,

Thanks for replying there was no parallel signs with arrows and no signs with text plus the other side of the sign there is a tree so not really possible to park there. The pavement is the same wideness the whole way down the road and made from tarmac in areas where parking is and is not permitted so no damage would have been done to the road by me parking there. Here is the link for googlemaps

I've attached some mobile phone pictures from the PC of the area I received the ticket and both sides of my PCN.

Thank you for your help.
Pavement parking has been banned in London for 44 years, but councils may by resolution disapply this ban, it would appear from the sign that they have done so here. I would suggest that the resolution covers the whole or that section of violet ave. Put the council to proof of this by demanding the resolution.
Can you show us the council pics please?

I've asked the council for the resolution.
QUOTE (cp8759 @ Wed, 20 Jun 2018 - 00:27) *
Can you show us the council pics please?

I've asked the council for the resolution.

There is not enough space on the thread for any more pictures. But the three pictures in my first post are the council pictures. Then there are three more close ups of the inside of the car which don't show the road. Thanks for contacting the council.
Whether the council supply the resolution in time for you to challenge within the 14-day period is outside your control.

You should challenge within the 14-day period i.e. no later than 1 July.

I think the sign is clear to see but whether it conveys an accurate resolution is anyone's guess until they respond.

Personally, I’d state what the photos show and hope to tempt them into an inept response.

I parked with all wheels on the footway adjacent to and either side of a sign which stated that such parking was permitted and you presumed as with parking places that this allowed parking anywhere in the vicinity of the sign provided in this case that vehicles were parked wholly on the footway.

What we can do at times is to superimpose other knowledge onto simple facts to give them a different slant. In this case, why would a motorist not be entitled to think that this sign, as with signs for, say, parking places, carried an area meaning. For example, a parking place traffic sign would not in its standard form convey the meaning that restrictions applied only forward of the sign, so why here?

Perhaps they would reply stating that parking is only permitted forward of the sign in the recessed areas, which of course is wrong and not what is conveyed by the sign, or make any other incorrect statement which itself would give you leverage for round 2.

By the way, who is the registered keeper of the car?
John U.K.
There is not enough space on the thread for any more pictures.

Try this:

Do not attach docs/photos, but use this method:

Photo or scan. see
for how to do it. I use Tinypic for stage 2 with no problems. Thera are other sites, such as Flickr (where the BBcodes are concealed behind the curly arrow (click on it) for sharing), which enable you to paste the BBCodes into your post here.
STAGE 1 takes care of resizing. If you use Tinypic for Stage 2, on the left each image in Tinypic is a list of links. Highlight and copy the entire link 'for forums' from the list for each image - beginning with IMG and ending /IMG (include all the square brackets [ ] ), and paste each link into your post. Each copied and pasted link will embed a thumbnail link in your post.

Using the attachment method is not advised as it means quickly running out of attachment space.

Redact/obscure name, address, PCN number and reg.mark.
LEAVE IN all dates/times; precise location, Contravention code and description.

By the way, who is the registered keeper of the car?

I am the registered keeper of the car.

I went back today to take more pictures etc and another car was parked in the same place with a ticket! So obviously another confused driver. So I am now about to start my first email appeal.

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