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Full Version: PCN on single yellow on a Sunday; no signage!
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Dear Forum,

I would be very grateful for your help. I parked on a Sunday on Portland street in Southampton on a single yellow line. There was no signage at the entrance to the street nor was there any plaque on the wall on the same side as the single yellow line to designate the permitted hours of parking. I assumed given it was a Sunday that I could park there. The PCN states that I parked on a 'restricted street during prescribed hours'. Given that there was no sign, how can it be compliant with rule 238 of the highway code? I would like your opinions if this is worth appealing?

Many thanks!
For some reason you've blanked the times but Southampton has a central controlled parking zone (CPZ) that's operational 1pm to 6pm on Sundays. CPZs only need signs at the zone entrance, so you should retrace your route on google Street view to see where you passed signs and that they are well displayed or not.

There are also exemptions - what were you doing?
The City Centre Pay and Display Zone operates Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm, and Sundays and Bank Holidays, 1pm to 6pm. These times also apply to all single yellow line No Waiting restrictions within the City Centre Pay and Display Zone unless otherwise stated by the on-street signing.
Can't see anything wrong with the PCN, so unless there's a sign telling you that you're entering a CPZ missing, or you were engaged in an exempted activity, the discounted penalty is looking good from here.
Thank you very much for your replies. I retraced my route and the only sign i can see is on Dorset Street which is over 1.3 miles from where I ended up parking! Even then it states one is entering a pay and display area but doesn't relate to single yellow parking. I would like to fight this as it seems unfair to not have any explanatory signage at the point of parking. I just wonder whether there is any merit in appealing?
If you saw the sign, what did you think it meant?

If applying only to Pay and Display i.e. parking places, then other than for local signs there would be a free-for-all on single yellow lines.

The sign is a controlled parking sign, including waiting and parking places, and is a permitted and fairly common variant of item 1 in the Part 3 sign table:
There is guidance about the size of CPZs - this one may well be deemed large but I'm not aware of successful appeals on this.

When you land on a single yellow with no timeplate you have to suspect a CPZ. The P&D bay signs are usually the same hours so are a good check.
@hcandersen: i didnt see this sign at all, I only spotted it upon retracing my route on google maps after I got the ticket. Every other place I have ever parked has had a sign with the permitted hours of parking attached to a wall / sign post immediately beside the single yellow line hence I didnt realise about the CPZ. I'l just have to plead ignorance and hope for some kindness from the council....
Another recent case:

There is another much more detailed one but I can't find it for now.
Thanks for the pointer....
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