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Full Version: PCN CODE 16
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Hi All

received a PCN on my car yes was in a hurry and parked my car not realising it was a permit area on a street

it returned to my car to find it was code 16 parked in a permit bay withour clearly displaying a valid permit. i looked at both cars in front and behind me and neither of them were displaying a ticket
so off to the council i went to complain the guy on reception give me the form and advised me that all the parking permits were virtual.

so wrote an informal appeal based on poor signage i drive a low car and the signs are 7 foot up a lampost. also that i cant clearly display a valid permit if they dont exist. i was using the context of law and englsih language on that one.

anyhow as you can probably guess i received a letter 36 days later stating nope my appeal was unsuccessful and i have 14 days to pay the reduced rate or get a nto and double whack.

i challenged again and also raised the point that the council had changed its name in april so the parking ticket was issued by the old authority after its name change.
so was wondering where they stood not being the statuatory authority

any help would be appricated i have until 21st june to pay the reduced rate

Well you can post all the details (PCN, correspondence, use a pic site such as Imgur or Flickr, plus google street view) but from what you say you parked in a bay without looking for the sign, so that doesn't look likely.

The enforcement authority on the PCN may be a good angle.
Nothing you have told us so far gives any real grounds for a successful appeal at adjudication. However once we see the PCN things may change as these often contain fatal errors of content. However being in a rush when parking-up is never conducive to a good outcome especially in London where the streets are flooded with CEOs all looking to issue their PCN quota or get the sack.
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