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Full Version: Keep Left/right sign Question (New Driver and worried)
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Hi all, not so much an FPN or an NIP, but i had a query, how likely am i to be caught here? And how long does it usually take to hear back from an NIP or an FPN

I've been attempting to read about keep left signs and keep right signs etc on this forum, i drove in to a side road to turn around the correct way however i waited in the right land to come out instead of the left hand lane by accident after turning round to come back out, based on this road (It was in daylight hours) how likely am i to be caught? There is now a car sales place next to this side road instead of the shop that is shown, the road layout however is still the same? and is disobeying a keep left/keep right blue sign an endorsable offence? or is it just a fine?

Sorry if this isnt the forum this question should be in, thanks for your time,-20.67p,1z

is the street

is the signage
Depends on what offence you are charged with.
The Rookie
Likelihood of a NIP is vanishingly close to zero, unless a police officer witnessed it they are unlikely to act on any other source of a report.

You can't get an FPN without being identified and handing over your licence, so as above really, likewise for a CoFP you'd have to be NIPped first.

A council PCN outside of London is also not going to happen.
To answer the OP's last question, the likely offence would be failure to comply with a traffic sign, which is indeed endorsable.

But as the Rookie has said, it's unlikely to happen.
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