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Full Version: Ticket for overheight vehicle in council car park
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Big Jim 2000
Yesterday I received a parking ticket for using a council car park with my transit van. There are no height barriers at the car park, nor is there any obvious signage indicating that you cannot park there. There is one sign next to the ticket machine which lists a lot of terms and conditions (see attachment below). Could I argue that this is insufficient/unclear signage?

There are other council car parks in the area and apparently all have this restriction in place; some with height barriers, some without. Lack of consistency?

Thanks for your help!
How high is your transit? We've seen another case where the roof rack may have been unfairly counted.

I guess the test is - will it fit under the barriers at the car parks with height barriers?

Post the PCN.
QUOTE (Big Jim 2000 @ Thu, 1 Mar 2018 - 17:00) *
all have this restriction in place

QUOTE (Big Jim 2000 @ Thu, 1 Mar 2018 - 17:00) *
Lack of consistency?

Reading that permitted height and weight bit..... It's not worded too well is it.
I could interpret that as vehicles have to be over..... smile.gif
Certainly does not say cannot be or no vehicles over......

And even if interpreted as they mean, Discos and Range Rovers would be over weight and touch and go on height, probably lots more.
My old Sedona would certainly be overweight and with permanent fixed roof bars, only just squeezed under the 6'6" height barrier at local tip.
..In which case you couldn't have parked there either!! wink.gif

OP, this is not about what you or I think makes sense, it's about the terms and conditions of use which are clearly set out: if your vehicle exceeds 6ft 6in then you are not permitted to park there, may be issued with a PCN and an adjudicator would be bound to agree that the authority are permitted to pursue you for the penalty.

So, why when you read the sign did you conclude anything else?

You did read the noticeboard, didn't you?
YOu do have to wonder, though, what ******** thought up that vehicle restriction. Maybe a person with an old-type mini perhaps !
Could we see the PCN please
And exact contravention cited?
Could it be the weight that's put it over the limit ?

As well as vans, a lot of cars will weigh more than 1500 kg unladed
QUOTE (Redivi @ Fri, 2 Mar 2018 - 03:15) *
Could it be the weight that's put it over the limit ?

As well as vans, a lot of cars will weigh more than 1500 kg unladed

I suspect it is height, even a standard Trannie is going to be around the 6'6", any with hi roof will be far higher.

Weight does preclude many cars so that would seem ridiculous.
My Qashqai kerb weight is 1.4 tonnes.
Using that as a yardstick, many SUVs would be more, X Trail, 1.7t for instance
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