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Full Version: help speeding points will affect job
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Dear reader,

I recently got a speeding fine 3 month after doing 40 in a 30mph zone. Fair enough i was speeding and i should rightfully pay a fine but the problem is that the points on my license might affect my job. i am a doctor and need to get hospital everyday and now fear to loose my license. I have only had mi license for a year and am still on the probation period of 6 points before license being revoked.

I am in dear need of advice. I hold a foreign license and was thinking of sending that as my license details, but fear that they might do a DVLA check anyway and put points on british license.

Alternatively i could give details of a friend's foreign driving license and state him as the driver of the car?? would that mean only the fine would have to be paid? Would the police check anything with the insurance company? as i don't know if the driver would be insured and also if they relay information to the insurance company?

In dire need of advice.

Many Thanks.

best not to go down the friend was driving route, could land yourself in a lot of hot water. Fill o0ut the NIP wizard and post results here and I am sure some of the people here can point you in the right direction.

The wizard can be found here:
QUOTE (Mika @ Sat, 2 Oct 2004 - 09:27) *
Update 18 May 2006

This case is a good example of why you should not provide the police with information that you do not believe to be true.

As Picko says, perjury (ie lying to the police) is treated as an extremely serious offence and you will find yourself meeting a man called "Bubba" in a nicely fitted out prison cell.

Oh, and as soon as you nominate a foreign driver you alert the police to a possible "issue" and they will then check everything and catch you out.

All in all, it's a BAD IDEA
Cheers. I have been lookking into this and came up with a few other options:

- 14 day rule.

What is the catch in that? the offence was committer on 02/02 and letter of NIP dated 31st may?

i have had my adress changed to a different address for the registration of the car in april. (can that affect the proceedings?) surely if this was my resident and registered adress by the 16/02 they should have issued a NIP.

- also the NIP wizard recommend a PACE statement?
any help there por favor?

ALso i have discovered through further reading that my NIP is actaully a Request ofr information to indentify driver of vehicule.

Does that make a difference?

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