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Full Version: NIP addressed to Company Secretary
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Old Forger
Hi all

I've received an NIP addressed to me by name at my office address. The original NIP obviously went to the leasing company, or to to our fleet dept, and they have named me as the driver.

HOWEVER..... at the top of the letter it clearly states in block capitals:- "If the Address below is a limited company, this form is for the attention of the company secretary"

So this leaves me in a dilema as - a) it's addressed to me by name, but - B) it's clearly intended for the company secretary.

Note that the office address in question is a sub-branch of the company I work for so there's no company secretary on that site.

Can anyone advise what I should do ?

Old Forger
The declaration is obviously to comply with S172 (8).

So they have written it as;
Old Forger,
Acme Trading Ltd.,
Branch Office Address.

I see what you are saying, but I think that you'd have an extremely hard time to win on that score.

What the declaration should say is, "If the Addressee below is a limited company, this form is for the attention of the company secretary", so they are talking about this type of address,
Acme Trading Ltd.,
Registered Address.

Can you do the NIP Wizard, so that we can see the dates.
Just an idle thought...

If the NIP / s.172 contains the declaration ''If the Address below is a limited company, this form is for the attention of the company secretary" then, irrespective of the fact that Old Forger's name appears on the NIP, couldn't the company secretary, with impunity, complete the s.172 and nominate Old Forger at his home address ? After all, the Co. Sec. would simply be following the explicit instructions as specified on the NIP / s.172.

Its not a get out of jail free card and Old Forger would still end up with his own NIP in due course, but it would bring him 5 weeks or so closer to timeout - which is not bad thing wink.gif
I think that there is much merit in nemo's suggestion. Getting the company secretary to play ball might be a bit tougher though. rolleyes.gif

The danger is that they might s172 the company on the basis that the company had more information, i.e. Old Forgers' home address.
That could be defended, if the company didn't have the information, on the basis that Old Forger gave them his address when he got his NIP, but was confused by the declaration.
However, since the company presumably knows their employee's addresses, I don't think that "I couldn't be arsed looking it up" would be very successful. rolleyes.gif
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