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Full Version: lack of knowledge has got my licence revoked
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good evening guys and gals
im looking for advice for a couple of questions
i have a full uk license but on the date of the incident i had it less than 2 years
on the 12th of June i was allegedly caught by a mobile van speeding on harrogate road bradford
i had moved address roughly 13 months previous to this
changed the address on my licence bills ect but stupidly forgot to change my v5
the paper work and fine all went to my old address without my knowledge
fri morning i get up to my licence revoked for too many points i was found guilty on oct 6th (after my 2 year probation was up
i have arranged a stat dec for this friday and hope to hell i can get the 6 points dropped
my questions are
what actually happens at a statutory declaration? i have never been in trouble
if it is me speeding (gf has access to my car) and i admit it will the cps drop the 172 or ms90?
sorry im not sure which it is
any advise or help would be brilliant excuse my grammar im not very good at this

The normal route is to deal the FTF down to pleading guilty to the speeding which if none serious will lead to just 3 points and licence back.

Start putting doubt on the driver and the deal will be off.
thank you for your quick response
do i do that at the stat dec?
and what should i do there? will i get the picture to say yup thats me ?
You go to your local court and make the stat dec at the counter. You can also attend at a solicitor but they'll charge you for the service.
I suggest you fill in the NIP wizard, as we don't know about what the speed was, or the limit.
If you succeed in getting the FTF dropped, you may still be liable for 6 points if your speed was too high, or other offences came to light, such as not being insured.
6 points or more in your first 2 years from passing your test results in automatic disqualification.
Yes, date test passed to date of offence, not date of conviction.
You can ask for photos to try and ID the driver, but it's the vehicle details that the photo is designed to capture.
You will almost certainly be asked to submit a plea to the charge(s) upon completing the SD. Unless they are prepared to do a 'plea bargain' there and then (some courts do actually 'assist') then a not guilty plea for both offences (the speeding and the s172 failing to furnish - if charged) will see the matter adjourned for another date.

You cannot offer to plead guilty to the underlying speeding offence unless you reasonably believe you were driving. (Especially not if you know you were not)

MS90 is the endorsement code for a s172 conviction. (The speeding would not have been convicted as there was no evidence presented as to the driver it seems)
all insured no problems there no other offences and its a short stretch of road near me with 30 limit max i will have done is 40
QUOTE (seank @ Mon, 16 Oct 2017 - 18:29) *
6 points or more in your first 2 years from passing your test results in automatic disqualification.

Revocation not disqualification.
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