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Full Version: Hackney PCN Yellow Box Junction (Wick Road)
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Got a PCN through the post today, stating I entered and stopped inside a yellow box junction on 26/09/2017 8am

I was driving behind a long lorry at the time and could not see traffic in front of the lorry.

After reviewing the video evidence, we can see the lorry stopped half way through the yellow box on a left turn, forcing me to stop.

Is this enough reason to claim that the exit appears to be clear before I enter as I was in moving traffic?

dunno post the PCN all pages and the video

If you just charged willy-nilly into the box following moving traffic and the vehicle in front stopped with you in the box so you had to stop, you are essentially bang-to-rights. Best if you mug up on yellow box junctions. However appeals have been won on a very short stopped time, 5 seconds or less, (called de minimis) but not all adjudicators recognise this, so it would be a gamble, and you'd have to risk the full £130 to find out yea or nay. Anyway, adjudication is in the future; if you want to fight this you must first appeal to the council. As they keep all the penalty money, you can imagine what the reply will be.

Their video is the sole evidence of the alleged contravention, but from the photo on the PCN you look well and truly bang-to-rights. How long were you stopped ?
Here is the Video evidence

I was stuck in that position for 80 seconds
I think it's pay the discount time. As Mr I says you must concentrate on not stopping in boxes or if you do look quickly for a way out (you right have squeezed into the right lane or maybe reversed back out).

Post all of the PCN as there can be errors.
As I suspected, you just followed the truck into the box without even pausing at the entrance - FATAL ! The video and the stopped time shows it is time to pay the discount, as this one is definitely not retrievable.
Thank you for all the response, paying up it is!
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