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Full Version: Whats better?
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I'm curious, it looks like i'm heading for a ban for speeding but the lawyer seems to think he can get me off with just points.....

thing is i dont 100% need the car. what do you thinks worse in the long run, taking into consideration insurance etc etc

Points or the Ban??? dry.gif
ban is worse IMHO. To get you out of a ban you could ignore an NIP and go that route, others here will have a better point of view than me.

I think it depend on how many points you get 12 points would be a real pain in the bum as you would need to be really carefull.

If you get a short ban (a month or 2) then its all over with. Try doing some online quotes for 9/12 points and a short ban and see what the difference is.
Also remeber the ban will apply to the bike as well

how many points do you have?
My preferred solution would be points, no ban, and invest in a speed trap detector ( the drivesmart retails for about £150, with free downloads, unlike snooper and road angel).

You will pay this minimum for a solicitor to try to represent you anyway.
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