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Full Version: A new CPZ
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The LB Barnet in their 'wisdom' want to introduce CPZs all around my area. They are not needed as everyone seems to have somewhere to park; I don't see cars driving around looking for a parking space.

There are new developments about 3/4 mile away. There is no parking arranged for them, and Barnet should have made it obligitory on planning permission that adequate parking be provided (maybe underground).

Other that write to the Council with my views (and I am sure a lot of other residents as well), and attend a public meeting about the same, is there anything else that can be done?

The CPZ charge will be £45 + per vehicle.
Are local press involved?

Leaflet local residents on it and encourage them to proactively object.

CPZ means less spaces, more places you can't park and tickets for residents who make occasional mistakes. More hassle for visitors, for changing car or bringing cars home from work and are just another administrative task for car owners to keep on top of.

You'll obviously already know all that, but will your neighbours?
There is already much discussion on a neighbourhood forum.

There is at least one unadopted road in the zone. Can the Council enforce their rules onto the road?
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