Just a quick note to say that I have had a PCN rescinded, as Bexley failed to defend adjudicator appeal.

The rights of wrongs of the Yellow Box Junction offense are irrelevant in my case, as I didn't contest them.

The reason for my 'victory' was that the council had incorrectly advised the dates from which I could pay fine with a 50% discount (14 days) and full (28 days).

The date period should start from the date of the notice of the PCN, however, the PCN stated they started from the date of SERVICE of the PCN. Legally a different date.

My initial appeal to the council is here:
My appeal

This was rejected, seemingly without being considered, so I moved onto the adjudicator.

My defense was identical but this time Council chose not to defend the case.

Full details of my case is here:

Moral of the tale:

Check your PCN, with a fine tooth comb.

Don't be dispirited by an initial appeal rejection. In my case, it seems that it was rejected automatically. They only seemed to take it seriously when I appealed to the adjudicator.

Ask the guys here at Pepipoo; they know their stuff!