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Full Version: HACKNEY PCN - This PCN is closed ? ?
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Hello All,

My friend got a PCN for parking on double yellow lines outside his workplace. PCN is attached.

Attempted to pay online and by phone on - 23/07/2017. Both methods failed.
The online method said “This PCN is closed”. – Attached is the screenshot.
Also on the automated phone line – it just went blank and hung up after putting the details in? (Unfortunately I do not have a recording of this call). This was attempted multiple times.
Today he received a Notice To Owner sad.gif

Any grounds for cancelation for being unable to pay by phone or online?

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot: Screenshot_Pic

Interesting - we have another case like this from Hackney:

In your case you have the screenshot. This should be an easy appeal to at least get the discount back.

The screenshot may be of help to the other OP.
I have uploaded pictures of the incident - if anyone can spot anything else. See link:

Photo Gallery

Looks bang to rights on the contravention. But this just in:

is a sort of similar case about wanting to pay the discount but unable to do so. It has been won at adjudication.

Here is my draft letter, let me know what you think.


I have been unable to make payment at the discount rate which is set at 14 days beginning with the date of service of the PCN and thus ends on Monday, 24 July 2017.
I had been trying to make payment and as per the instructions on the reverse of the PCN it states payment options of ‘ONLINE’ ‘BY TELEPHONE’ and ‘BY POST’. Both the first two methods did not work.
The ‘ONLINE’ method showed that the PCN had been closed, enclosed is the screenshot.
The ‘BY TELEPHONE’ method provided no feedback if the payment had worked or not. I do not have recordings, but enclosed is part of my phone bill to show the calls to the payment line. Your own CDR (Call Detail records) should be able to confirm this.
I was unable to use the ‘BY POST’ method before the 14day deadline as I do not have a bank account with cheque book facilities. As well as difficulty for me to get to a post office during working hours to obtain Postal Orders.
I would like to claim the ground of Procedural Impropriety. You're online and telephone payment system is not fit for purpose and gives incorrect, misleading and prejudicial information.
I believe this is reason alone to cancel the PCN.
Regards, XXX

Seems good to me. They must have a fair few of these appeals in I expect. They'd have a cheek to just reoffer the discount.
FYI. They canceled the PCN if anyone else has a similar problem.
Nearly two years ago - never too late to update!
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