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Full Version: Camera PCN
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I'm a newbie, I read the 'read this first' and the FAQ's but couldn't;t find anything to help me. Tinypic was freezing so I tried thumbsnap. I hope you can see the picture.


I received this, the vehicle is in a parking bay, not on the red route. There is no red line between the tyre and the kerb in the first image and the vehicle is clearly within the box in the second image. I was not the driver at the time. On looking at street view I can see the box was a 'loading only' bay.
The alleged offence is code 46. Stopped where prohibited (on a red route or clearway)
Is it worth contesting?
Or shall I just pay?

Mad Mick V
OP--- we need to look up the bay on GSV--where is it?

What was the time of the contravention and the date of the PCN?

Note it says "red route or clearway". A Clearway needs no lines on the road, just the signs. As MMV says, please unblank location and time data, or no meaningful advice can be given.
OP, I suggest you read this and distribute to your drivers:

A parking place is part of the red route, it's just a part which allows limited parking for specified reasons.

Was the vehicle engaged in unloading at the time of the contravention? If not then other than for technical defences which might arise either with the PCN or later- and which would inevitably have to be determined by an adjudicator with the full penalty in play - the discount looks attractive.

And do not pass the PCN to the driver, it must be dealt with by you.
Peter MCR
Can we see the rest of the PCN please?
Thanks for all your comments, the location was O/S 49-53 High St. BR4 on 23/06/2017 at 14:54, it looks like I should pay the discounted rate.
Mad Mick V
Not if the vehicle was loading:-;4d-0.0173496

She was not loading Mick, I'll pay the discount tomorrow. sad.gif
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