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Full Version: Speeding 79 in a 40mph
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I got a letter today saying that I was travelling 79mph in a 40mph zone (its a junction on the dual carriageway, 10am on easter tuesday morning when the road was clear and all lights were green). This piece of road goes from a 60, to 40, then back to 60.

Basically, I'm going to get busted, I'm not a big speeder - although I was also caught recently doing 60 in a 40 (again coming off a dual carriageway!). Don't let this fool you into thinking I'm a boy racer - which I am not.

Anyway, The job I have requires me to have a car, but here's the stinker, I'm leaving this job at the end of this month, so I can't use that as an excuse to keep my car - although the next job I take I will need the car again!

From what I gather, not having a job may lower the fine, but thats not so great as I need the licence for day to day working life.

Anyway, I'd love to know (without me trolling the forum) whats my best course of action for defence? I recieved the letter today (dated 15th of may) the incident took place on the 18th April but went to the previous owner of the car, so he redirected it to me (through the dvlni). I've had my licence for just 4 months even though I'm 23 - and here in Northern Ireland we have "R Plates" which means I have a limit of 6 penelty points.

I was thinking, if i could prove my speedo was faulty this would stand in court as some kind of excuse? Is there any other way I could hold onto my licence - the fine I'll pay because I did something wrong, I just don't want to lose my licence....
I hate to be a pain, but you won't get any advice on here unless you fill out a template, found here:

In the mean time...

PACE would be the best course of immediate action to take

What is the timeframe between your current and next job?

If you can demonstrate that you will not be employable in your next job without your driving license then you may well have a supportable argument in front of a magistrate.

The fact that it happened on Easter Day may also support that this event was clearly a one-off!
Ok, when I get home i'll fill out the template - thanks for the heads up.
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