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Hi all,

Thanks for having me. I'm a newbie so my apologies if I give any information incorrectly here.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the following letter through, hand delivered rather than by the Royal Mail:

As it states, the contravention took place in June but I received absolutely no correspondence from Harrow to this effect.

I did receive two penalty notices from Harrow Council in September 16. These were both £65 and were paid as soon as I received them.

I should have received at least two notifications from Harrow before it got to this stage?

I will email Harrow's enforcement department but I was wondering if anyone had any advice about how to proceed?

Thanks so much in advance!
Press "report" and ask a mod to move your post to the correct forum.
Its a bus lane PCN in London, so the London bus lane legislation applies. All documents will have been sent by post. You should have received: -

- the PCN itself
- an Enforcement Notice
- a Charge Certificate
- an Order for Recovery

If all four have not been received, one must ask what address is on your V5 registration certificate. Or maybe you were driving a hire car ? If a hire car, the PCN goes to them and they can appeal the PCN giving your name and address. They may have got this wrong, or you gave them the wrong address.

So if you can clarify the above, further advice can be given. To reset the matter you now have to act quickly and make an Out-of-Time Statutory Declaration that you didn't receive the PCN. Be aware that the council can and likely will oppose this and if they do, TEC will decline the SD. You will then have to spend money on a County Court judge assessment of the case to get the refusal overturned. Others will no doubt add to this response.
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