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Full Version: Double Offence - can I be prosecuted?
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I recently got stopped for speeding on the M180 by a police officer who had a handheld camera in his car. I accepted a fine and penalty points. The incident was timed at 9:05 on the 9th April.

A week or so later I received a notice of intended prosecution for a speeding offence caught by a mobile camera van, that was timed two minutes later at 9.07 on the same day.

I've spoken to the police and have been told that I cannot be penalised twice for the same offence. The clerk in question informed me that the second file would be suspended and no further action would continue (I have a recording of the call).

However I've now received a letter telling me to expect a magistrates court summons and that I'm not able to enter into any further correspondance regarding the matter.

Any advice from people in the know as to whether action can be taken for the same offence twice would be good to know.
I would say you cannot be prosecuted as long as your speed had not dropped to the speed limet and risen again in those two minutes.

If I am wrong could someone please correct me but I think if you get a summons you would have to go not guilty and then you could explain to the court that you have already been prosecuted for this offence and therefore cannot be persecuted (don't say that lol) again then claim costs

I am not a expert but I do know you cannot be prosecuted twice for the same offence
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If, by some administrative madness, this ends up in court, you can always call the copper who booked you as a witness! tongue.gif

From the dodgyscope operator's point of view, it is unfortunate that another copper caught you first - that will cost him his "rightfully earned" KPI reward! biggrin.gif
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