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Full Version: Legality of laser diffusers
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Can anyone clarify the current legal position of laser diffusers?

As far as I'm aware there is no specific legislation banning their use, but I have heard that one driver using one in South Wales was successfully prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

I have a Road Angel which works very well with fixed cameras but I'm finding Talivans to be a deadlier and more insidious threat. By the time a laser beam is detected, you are almost certainly already nicked. A laser diffuser would give a bit more peace of mind - but obviously not if I risk getting a perverting the course of justice charge slapped on me.

Anyone know anything about the South Wales case or can cite a legal opinion on this?

I don't think a "diffuser" actually works, but apparently the jammers do if fitted correctly.

From what I remember you are unlikely to be prosecuted if it is switched off when you are stopped because it cannot be proven that it was on when you were driving along. I think most operate in a burst that produces an error in the device, lets you check your speed (ahem!) and then lets the officer take a second reading which will work. I would have thought that the infra-red transmitters (LEDs?) would show up on the video but I've not seen any stills of one in operation.

Dont know of any specic law regarding the transmission of light, but yes the SDL920 show up on video.

I don’t think that this is to do with “a specific law regarding the transmission of light”, but rather actively interfering and jamming the police’s speed-measuring equipment.

In my opinion, you wouldn’t need a very skilled criminal law barrister to argue that, doing so, is “attempting to pervert the course of justice”.

It may be better to let them nick you, and then enjoy the CPS trying to wriggle out of letting you have a copy of your LTi 20-20 traffic video. icon_redface.gif

I was in South Wales at the weekend, and was going to advise my chauffeur (Mr O. Bin Laden) that he should try and keep it below 120 mph, but he couldn’t see a single Talivan anywhere – it’s probably just a coincidence though. rolleyes.gif
jimmy ferrari
It would seem that they do work well laugh.gif
And the legal position as far as I know is still open to interpretation.........well these were in use well before laser guns were developed your honour :!:
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