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Full Version: Possible collision (unsure!) Please advise
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Hi all,

Last night around 10pm I drove past a car parked facing me on my side of the road, the car was parked on double yellow lines on a bend. When I went past the car I heard a loud noise, I thought someone had thrown something at my car like a tennis ball or something (not unusual where I live and in this area, especially this time of night). I didn't really think much of it and carried on home, parked up, went inside.

Went to leave for work at 6:15 this morning, went to check my mirrors etc to reverse and noticed my nearside wing mirror was hanging off completely, attached by the cable. Now I don't know if someone did actually throw something that broke it, or even if someone kicked it as I was going past (I wasn't going fast at all) or if I did actually clip the car.

I drove back to the place in question this morning to see if there was a car around there with damage but there wasn't.
I reported it to the police using their online form about an hour ago just in case, but I've also read online that this has to be done in person?? Why have an online form if it has to be done in person?

Can anyone provide any advice on what I should do and the potential outcome of this? I think I've followed the right procedure?

Thank you
Case law says the report must be made in person. If the police direct you to use an online form trying to prosecute you for doing so would seem to be an abuse of process.
QUOTE (southpaw82 @ Fri, 3 Mar 2017 - 09:52) *
Case law says the report must be made in person. If the police direct you to use an online form trying to prosecute you for doing so would seem to be an abuse of process.

Thank you for the reply. I wasn't advised to use the online form, I just googled reporting a traffic incident Essex and found the link on the Essex police website. Weird. Well I'm at work at the moment and won't be able to get to the station until about 7pm. I hope they are OK with it. I have a reference from the online form and a confirmation email so hopefully they will be OK with it.

Am I right in thinking that once this has been reported correctly, I can't then be done for "failing to stop" or something? I'm really worried about it, if I had have noticed the wing mirror last night I would have went back (if I did actually clip the car and the damage to my mirror was the result). My first thought this morning was that some kids has just snapped it off for a laugh during the night. I've woken up to worse.

I'm hoping it was just kids and I didn't clip the car. Just hit a seagull or something. What about the car that was parked on double yellows on a corner, surely they're in the wrong if something more does come of this? Pretty much ******** myself.
For completeness make the report in person. (It is unlikely they would pursue anything with the online report)

But even if the car was parking on double yellows that doesn't give you any 'defence'.
Thanks for the replies. I'll head down to the station after work and do it in person. So once I've followed the proper process, I'll have nothing to worry about?

As the Police force in question advises to report using their online system I would say you have done all that you need to.

There's no harm in going into your local station if it will put your mind at ease. Expect the level of interest to be approaching zero, I wouldn't be surprised if they told you to just do it online.

EDIT: Page 2 on the online report goes on to add - "Please note collisions involving parked cars on a road or within car parks where only minor damage has been sustained will not be investigated but will be recorded. You should refer these to your insurance company."
Agreed. Last time I was hit, I popped into my local and they didn't care as long as the parties had exchanged insurance details. (Of course there's only one party here)
Thanks everyone. Has put my mind to rest a little bit, I've been worrying sick about it.
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