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Full Version: PCN 33E George street Croydon, eastbound
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I received the attached PCN today my and wondered whether in may have grounds to make a representation.

On the day in question, I had offered a colleague a lift to the tram stop, but completely missed the intended stop (Gravel Hill), so I continued into Croydon to stop st East Croydon.
I drove from the Park Lane end of George Street, a route I am not familiar with. I travelled forwards and with the area being very busy, I drove straight ahead, but realised too late that the route was restricted. I had committed to continuing forward and it would have been unsafe to change my course. I followed the route forward, stopping behind the stooped bus, where my passenger exited the car. I followed the bus to the next possible exit from the route.

I am not sure how to attach the 2 photographs of the notice.

Could you explain whether I have any possible chance of successfully contesting this penalty charge.
read this then try.

Impossible to advise without seeing the documents and council photos
The Rookie
I've asked a moderator to move it to the council forum.

You need to use an external host for the pictures such as tinypic or photobucket and use the img tags.

Sorry it took so long to add the images!

I should add that there was no other way out of the restricted route other than the route I took. It was a genuine mistake. I should have turned left as the signs warned, but I was in the wrong lane and traffic was in in the left lane. I believe I had no choice other than to follow the road forward.
This will be hard to overturn. Most cases like this that succeed are based on bad/missing/inadequate signage. If you can show this then you appeal on it and the council are then obliged to show everything is tickety-boo. However, it is unlikely they will give way, so you'd end up at London Tribunals with the full penalty in play, (but no more). So you really need some photos to back up any appeal.
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