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Full Version: Bus lane fine Reading
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T Driver
There's nearly no time to put up an appeal but I just wondered if it's worth fighting a bus lane fine - Reading, Minster Street - the date of issue of notice 10th Feb and if I pay within 14 days then fine is £30 after that it goes to £60
They've spelt my name wrong on the form - only one letter on the surname.

I followed my satnav and was looking for parking near the centre of Reading - before I knew it there seemed no other way to go other than the bus lane.

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You're a wee bit late to put together an appeal, but post up the PCN anyway. Blank-out PCN Number, and your car/address details. Slight error on your name is irrelevant. Reading town centre is a nightmare of bus lanes and other restrictions that one would almost think is there just to make money from the penalties. If you can't give any more information on the circumstances, it might be best to pay the discount. Signage, (inadequate, badly placed, missing), is normally the winning appeal argument.
Have a read

This one won
T Driver
Thanks Happy to post a picture of the form. It's all a pain - I live quite far away - so not from the area - unfamiliar and I can't easily get back to go and see and take photos of the area - I've never had anything like this before and it did feel a bit like a trap - I just felt like I was in a situation where I ended up a bit lost and without an option to go anywhere but in the bus lane - there wasn't a single other car on the road - or bus - so I wasn't preventing any others from accessing the road at the time and I felt I just better move quickly through and get out of the way in case someone did come along. I thought I would explain this to a police officer if I was stopped. I was completely unaware that I would be snapped on camera.
Well, now ye know about council cash cameras ! Reading are one of the more venal and rapacious councils on bus lane enforcement, and dine out on strangers being unwise enough to enter their entrapped town centre. Frankly, with you living so far away, it is going to be difficult to work-up a credible appeal unless you are prepared to stand your ground and forego the discount. As noted by others, there have been wins at adjudication on the Minster Street bus lane, so a win is possible, but we need to know a lot more about how you got to the position you found yourself in.
Neil B
QUOTE (T Driver @ Thu, 23 Feb 2017 - 21:31) *
There's nearly no time

Discount available until 27th.
T Driver
Thanks so much for your replies - I think this is all probably too little and too late - and as you said if I lived nearer I could go around and take photos.

I've had other things happening at home and was also unaware that such help as this existed until a friend told me about it - and then completely coincidentally my internet has been non functioning for the last 3 days - received a new internet hub in the post today and have fitted it.

I really think you're right this did not feel like a real motoring offence - it felt like a cash entrapment. There's a bus lane near where I live and the lane for cars sits right next to it - if you choose to go in that bus lane you are choosing to risk being fined but with this I do think the road gave me no option.

I think I'll pay the £30 and learn a lesson - to watch out - and drive as carefully as I can - and everyone should - but also be ready to fight a bit quicker if I ever get a fine such as this - and use your very capable help. You all seem very kind and very clever - knowing the legalities and being willing to share and help others when councils "raise funds" from motorists in this way.

Thanks again
QUOTE (T Driver @ Fri, 24 Feb 2017 - 00:43) *
.... but with this I do think the road gave me no option.

If you were travelling along Kings Road, the signage points you to turn left at Duke Street but the sign is only on the corner of the junction (Duke St junction) that you need to turn down.

I'd possibly argue that the signage is inadequate.
Jo Carn
Search the site. Type in Minster Street and King Street. You will find a successful defence at Tribunal that only took place in Dec 2016.
You shouldn't lose.
The Adjudicator was very thorough and raised a number of issues
There is a mandatory left turn the junction before that is not mandatory.
There is no notice when entering King Street that you cannot exit it without going down Minster Street.
The issue is not about entering the bus lane but that there is no adequate warning of not being able to exit King Street without going down Minster street. The have set up a funnel system that has the money rolling in. The only way out of the dilemma is to do a U-turn in a busy street on top of a pedestrian only zone. Not clever, especially if it was dark
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