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Full Version: leeds city council parking fine
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I have received a pcn from the Leeds city council. I did not see any sign when i parked in the street apart from a disable parking further down the street. There was no single yellow or double yellow markings. I have provided a link below of the evidence they have provided me with. The only way onto this road is to take a left from a main road. The sign is really difficult to spot when entering the road as there are pedestrians crossing and you have to slow down on a busy main road to look out for people crossing and then drive in. The only way to spot the sign would be to look at an angle and that would cause an hazard on the road. The sign would be visible if i was taking a right on to the road or if i was coming from the road ahead but that is not allowed and the only way to enter road is from left and it is not clearly visible when doing that. Once i entered the road, at the end of the road i took a left and parked on that road, there is no sign on that road. I am new to all this and want to appeal it. I have uploaded one picture of what the council had as evidence of the sign. I have uploaded another picture of what i took on the road i parked at where you have to take a left at the end to park. please help
As usual, post up the PCN, all sides, with PCN Number and car details blanked-out. Leave everything else in.

Is there another sign on the other side of the entrance to the street ? The sign you have posted is in good order, so positioning will be critical to any appeal. Lack of repeaters could be another avenue too. There may be PCN content errors, so that needs looking at.
There are two signs at the road entrance. Did you really think you'd find free parking in Leeds city centre?,-1...#33;6m1!1e1

Post the PCN.
Iv never really noticed them signs which obviously will be hard to believe. Thanks for posting the link to the maps, if you go down neville street on the map link posted above there are yellow lines on that road and i didnt park on that road. I drove down that road and took a left at the end and it there are no yellow lines or signs on that road. I have posted pics on the links below
Lets see the council photos
I think you mean you turned right at the end. As you can see from GSV from April 2016, I think they were busy turning that stretch into a pedestrian area as per the signs at the start of Little Neville St say (the turning is also part of the street).,-...3312!8i6656

Once they put up those sign saying no access and no parking they apply all the way to what I presume is a dead end.
sorry yes i turned right at the end of the road. The sign is the last thing u will read if your turning in from a main road onto a road were there is a busy traffic of people crossing to concentrate on:

1: not slowing right down so the car behind rear ends you
2: looking out for pedestrians crossing, majority of them cross without looking over shoulder for a car coming on to the road

the right you take there is 2 marked spaces for disabled parking with signs but no signs stating no parking. Have i got any grounds to appeal it as i think the signs should be on the road were you take a right?

Well, post the council pics first.

You can appeal within 14 days and the council will normally reoffer the discount. But I hold no hope as the street is not long and double signed against you driving in and parking there unless you had one of the exemptions.


Your PCN was served on 28 Jan so you have missed the discount period.
Mad Mick V
I would ask the Council for the traffic order relating to the prohibition.

You will note from the legislation below that the responsibility for traffic regulation was relinquished to the "promoter" at which time traffic orders under RTRA 1984 were suspended:-

The Little Neville Street "order" is noted at Sch 11 section 4 (has more loading exemptions!).

IMO this dilutes the status of the enforcement authority. Second, unless Leeds City Council followed up with a new TRO for this Little Neville Street prohibition they are in the clag.

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