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Full Version: PCN for overstaying in a car park by 10 minutes
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I recently arrived at a council run P & D a car park and purchased the maximum amount of time for a visit to see some solicitors in the town. This was for two hours, the maximum time allowed as detailed on the ticket machine board. I subsequently bought and displayed a valid ticket. However, my meeting over-ran and I arrived late back at my car to discover a PCN fixed to my windscreen for the...

'...contravention of the relevant Traffic Regulation Orders being parked for longer than the maximum period permitted'

However on the board where the ticket machine is, it says....

[i]'Excess charge of £60 for failure to purchase and display a valid ticket, or failure to observe the conditions below, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

[i]You must purchase and display a valid ticket.
Must not transfer ticket
Vehicles must park in a marked bay
A Penalty notice will be issued to the above contravention £60 reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days

Whilst I did stay for a brief period of time beyond the initial two hours allowed, there is nothing in the CONDITIONS OF USE which says that I would receive a PCN or excess charge for doing so and on the first bit, I did indeed purchase and display a valid ticket at the time of parking.

I assume that I can appeal against this PCN with the council in the first place that the contravention did not occur in the first place because:-

Firstly, I did indeed pay for and display a valid ticket.
Secondly, there is nothing in the conditions of use detailing a further cost or penalty for overstaying.

I could of course appeal to PATAS if I was unsuccessful where I have in fact just won against Westminster on a manifestly unfair PCN.

Your points of view would be much appreciated.

How do they know you were the driver at the time of the alleged offence?
At the time of the offence you were not displaying a valid Ticket as the one you were displaying had time expired.
You must purchase and display a valid ticket

It surely becomes invalid when the times runs out - says on most tickets 'Valid Until xx:xx'
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