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Full Version: Lambeth serve NTO 7 months after PCN
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Leah Car
Hi everyone,

Bit of a straightforward question for a not so straightforward issue!

Is there a time limit that an EA can issue a NTO. The PCN was served in May 2016 and NTO served December 2016. I think I read somewhere (maybe in a past life) that there was a 6 month time limit, but I can't find any info or regulation to verify this.

Background info:
My mate literally gave me a car in May. 2 days after I took ownership I got a PCN outside my house for not displaying a permit (this was the day after bank holiday weekend so council offices were not open to purchase one) ironically I only parked outside my house to collect my documents as I had an appointment at 9:30 to get my permit... Anyway as the V5 was still in my friends name I appealed giving my details, they rejected my informal appeal so my friend appealed to adjudicator, again giving my details explaining what happened: REJECTED, he appealed to NORTHAMPTON (this time I wrote in also confirming he was telling the truth) and the charge cert was cancelled, but not the PCN.

What's really idiotic is that you need the v5 cert or new keepers supplement in your name/address to get a permit... So The council Already saw and accepted I was the owner/keeper (I filled out new keepers supplement) otherwise they wouldn't have issued my permit!

So anyway couple days after Xmas I now get a NTO but considering they rejected my initial appeal and the time lapse I just wondered do I have any grounds to re appeal?

I will post up NTO once I get out above ground!

I think we need some dates and specific names of documents and to who.

Basic is, all things being normal, they have up to 6 months to serve an NTO from date of PCN.
But when process gets convoluted, like when TEC (Northampton) gets involved they may serve a fresh NTO and the timing for this derives from when TEC cancelled the earlier notices.

My problem is that your description does not follow process so I am a little lost.

Neil B
QUOTE (DancingDad @ Fri, 20 Jan 2017 - 11:11) *
My problem is that your description does not follow process so I am a little lost.

Me too.
From what I understand of it your friends appeal to adjudicator should not have been refused if made
on the correct basis (not owner)

BUT there could not have been any recourse to TEC involving "truth" ?
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