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Full Version: Confused over difference between an NIP and an FPN
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hi there

I keep hearing about NIP's and FPN's and am very confused about the difference between them. I have read the glossary here regarding these terms, but i wanted to know what applies to what?

For instance, if you get flashed/caught by a Gatso, Truvelo, Monitron/ Redspeed etc what will you receive, an NIP or an FPN?

In which circumstances do they issue one or the other? Or do they just issue anyone of them that they feel, erratically? Does it also depend on the seriousness of the speeding offence?

The reason that I ask is that I was possibly caught by a camera and its actually the 14th day today without dreaded letter (including bank holidays though) and thought of feeling like this for another 6 months (FPN) is awful!! If i was caught, it would only be for doing about 39 in a 30 - Is that a little less serious?

I really hope that someone can please advise me on this

Thank you for any help i get
The police serve a NIP, which is usually combined with a Section 172 notice that requests the recipient to provide the name of the driver.

When the police are in receipt of the completed Section 172 notice they may decide to issue an conditional offer of a fixed penalty (FPN) to the person who named them-self as the driver.
Hi there Mika

Thank you so much for answering me so quickly.

So if I understand this right, the process begins with them issuing an NIP. Once I have filled in and returned it, the FPN will then be sent to me? So this initial NIP must be received by myself within 14 days of the offence?

May I ask, is this 14 working days or can this include weekends, bank holidays etc. Do I need to allow for postage times if the NIP was served on the 13th day? If so, is 3 days extra enough postage time?

Thank you again for this great and quick advice
Try reading this page and please let us know what you find unclear.
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