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Full Version: Cloned Reg number
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Hello everyone,

My wife's reg number appears to have been cloned.

We've now had 5 separate PCNs for various different contraventions, from driving in bus lanes to parking. Each time we've contacted ActionFraud and the DVLA but each time nothing has come of it.

The four previous times we've written to each council and had the charges dropped, mainly because of providing the details of the ActionFraud reference number, and most recently because we've been provided with photographic evidence of said contravention's which clearly show a black Audi A5 when my wife actually drives a black Audi A3. The differences in body shape are very, very clear.

All of the contraventions happen in and around the same area (which we live over 62 miles from).

The most recent charge however has not been cancelled, the council have written back to say that they will be pursuing the claim.

I haven't got any photos of the documents to hand right now but I can provide them - mainly at the moment I'm just looking for some advice.

We need to know what stage you are at to be able to give best advice or at least say what happens next.
So please post PCN and all correspondence with the recalcitrant council.

From what you say, I would have little hesitation in going to adjudication on this.
But that may be some way down the road.
Here is all communication with the council in question, from the latest PCN received to now, including replies:

Our reply:

In hindsight, we should have included details of the previous dealings with said council.

Their reply:

Please let me know if you would like to see anything else.


Hindsight but clearly state, I Am not the Owner in future.

Send in the appeal to London Tribunals. (forget this bit...... next step is an Enforcement Notice...which you will challenge)
Grounds of the Not the Owner.
Photos clearly show an Audi A5
While the registration is of our car, ours is an Audi A3.
Recognisable diffences that can be seen from photos supplied are:----

Etc Etc
Yes, and a typical bovine letter from Lambeth; do they exclusively employ thick and stupid people ?
Reinstate the date of the Notice of Rejection because all future deadlines are based on this, and fix your spellchecker - it's an Audi, not a supermarket.

As regards your appeal, you stick to the objective facts (assuming they are).

1. The vehicle in question is an Audi A5. You need to provide evidence to this effect - it might be that zooming in on the video would show this, but if not then find something that establishes the point because it is central to your defence in this case;
2. Here's the V5C for the registration number in the PCN;
3. It was recorded with DVLA at the time as an Audi A3 which, among other matters, shows that the idiot at Lambeth who purportedly considered your reps did not even bother to check these details despite these being stated in your reps (you can leave out my Lambeth lashing if you want);

You were not the owner of the vehicle at the time which therefore establishes one of the statutory grounds of representation.
See if there are more pics at

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