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Full Version: Bus lane lost appeal and to judicator but...
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In my rejection of appeal letter the council made such a bad mistake that one of the main sentences doesn't even make sense. When the adjudicator rejected my online appeal against the council he failed to comment on the issue that I'd raised. I need to know if the rejection letter is legally enforceable. It had a phrase that finished - bus, taxi and cycle only road itself.

I do have an option of getting another adjudicator to review the decision but don't know how to go about it.

Can upload documents if it will help.

Please help if you can!

Kind regards,

that option does not exist just because you don't agree with the decision for advice

post up your representation to the council

The notice of rejection

Your appeal

The decision
Bear in mind that an adjudicator will look at the contravention, any challenge and the rejection.
If the latter has grammatical errors but when read as a whole seems to deal with the challenge, they can and will likely reject any appeal based on a single pedantic point.

Whether this applies or not, we need the documents to form an opinion.
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