I got my first PCN through yesterday. It seems it's a popular PCN as I've been reading plenty of other threads regarding this location.

My side of the story, very similar to others, is that I was in a queue of traffic all heading straight on, bus lane to my left. I was within 5-10m distance of the dashed lines starting and the left hand filter lane was green, straight on was taking a while to move, so I checked no buses or obstructions were behind or in my path and dashed into the filter lane - you can see in both the top photos the space that I had left in the queue. I feel extremely frustrated that a mere 5-10m infringement can be punished like this, everything I did wasn't outside the spirit of the rules and I just wanted ease traffic (by getting out of the straight-on lane) and make progress. Funnily enough I read an article yesterday, as the PCN was arriving at home, suggesting the gov was considering giving bus lane rights to zero emissions cars - too little too late!

I am considering an appeal based on 'de minimis' as I did not hold up any permitted vehicles and others have mentioned TfL's guidance suggests a 20m leeway distance in bus lane infractions (although I haven't been able to find this in text yet).

Thankyou all - Any advice?