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Full Version: Haringay penalty charge
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Hi there

I have just received a letter from haringay council.

The reason is "Failing to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on a blue sign proceeding in the wring direction "

Am looking at the pictures and the first picture is black all i see is my REG number, and the second picture it looks like a Audi TT, am confused.

Can I challenge this penalty?

Can't see the pics - go here -
to get the council pics.

Presumably the contravention is here:,-...3312!8i6656
Is it just me, or is there no contravention code cited. I no the regs don't demand this but London councils CoP does at 28©(iv)
From Haringey's site:

"The council processes PCNs according to the legal requirements and the London Councils Code of Practice."

Should be code 32 I think.

But I've just looked at the code of practice and while it specifies as essential the contravention code for CEO-issued PCNs, the template for CCTV does not - the template is:

On [Issue date] a Penalty Charge Notice was issued by the Council with respect to the above vehicle, for
the following alleged contravention
[Contravention description]
in: [Contravention location] At: [End time] On: [Contravention date]

Maybe there's a loophole here.
First picture just shows the reg number, second picture it shows a car but unclear from wich side has manovered, it may be may car but dont look like it.

Lets say it is my car, is there a way out of this not to pay, as i don't remember being on that area.

Looks like you need to get better photos and see the video.

At the moment, you have no recollection of being in the place.
But do you live near, travel in area, visited?
And photos seem unclear except for a number plate that accords with your car.

If nothing else a challenge on do not believe it was me because ...???
And evidence is insufficiently clear to allow you to ascertain if it was even your car.
You think it looks like a TT but against what?
A black TT lookalike against a white Transit is an easy win.
Against a black Corsa in the dark ???

But see if better photos/video first.
As that will be what an adjudicator will be looking at and deciding if the evidence is clear enough.

Picture shows a car on the wrong side of the road (Dowsett) if those bright lights are headlights. I suspect the driver used Dowsett to reverse into, to turnaround on the High Road? Or turned into Dowsett and then did a u-turn?

EDIT - actually maybe the front of the car is pointing into Dowsett on the right side of the road and the bright lights are reversing lights...
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