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hey all!

last night had to pop down to work at around 1am to fix the fire alarm which went off (for no reason) and left my car outside the warehouse in front of the gates on the driveway. It took me no more than 20 mins. Upon return i found the PCN on the windscreen for parking 'with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway' .
observation time 01:04
time of contravention 01:07

attached is the picture of the crime scene. the gate behind is of my premises.

I understand that even parking on my driveway i kind of block part of the pavement. But at 1am industrial park is totally empty. Plus it was parked in front of my premises for just 20mins which could be considered as unloading situation as the time gap between observation and contravention is only 3minutes.

Please any advice if i have a chance defending this, or shall i just bite the pill and pay it?

any help much appreciated! rolleyes.gif

John U.K.
As usual, for best advice please post up PCN (both sides)

Do not attach docs/photos, but use this method:
Photo or scan. see
for how to do it. I use Tinypic for stage 2 with no problems.
STAGE 1 takes care of resizing. If you use Tinypic for Stage 2, on the left each image in Tinypic is a list of links. Highlight and copy the entire link 'for forums' from the list for each image - beginning with IMG and ending /IMG (include all the square brackets [] }, and paste each link into your post. Each copied and pasted link will embed a thumbnail link in your post.

Using the attachment method is not advised as it means quickly running out of attachment space.
Redact/obscure personal details, PCN no. Reg No.

Also post up a GSV (Google Street View) link to the location.
LEAVE IN all dates/times; precise location, Contravention code and description.
oh sorry

attached are the PCN and will upload google street view in a sec

street view,
the car was left in front of the gates.
OP, just by way of background info, if, as you suggest, you are a keyholder or on emergency call out for a company which occupies one of the industrial unit's premises, then why didn't you have a key to the gate? Also, how did you gain access?

I'm loath to tell you the direction of my thoughts just in case you try to, as we used to describe it in a previous employment, situate the appreciation.
OP, you're quite correct, there is an exemption for loading, but as you've already stated that you were there to "fix the fire alarm", it doesn't apply.
You need to say where it is - that's not top secret.

What this shows is that Newham has people driving around in the dead of night to spot contraventions - and that had you known this there was ample free parking if you'd kept the car on the road.
I wonder if 15(3)(b) could apply any other emergency when you arrive you do not know the reason for the alarm, hence it is an emergency. you could have. I assume spent time opening the gate

Have to admit to looking for anything here, it's a ridiculous ticket. Who knows an adjudicator may have enough sympathy to stretch the definition that far
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