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Having recently had my Private Parking Charge notice cancelled on signage issues one of the things I did look into was the ICO code of practice on the use of ANPR cameras.
The ICO Code of practice for their use states:
You must let people know when they are in an area where a surveillance system is in operation.
The most effective way of doing this is by using prominently placed signs at the entrance to the surveillance system’s zone and reinforcing this with further signs inside the area.
Clear and prominent signs are particularly important where the surveillance systems are very discreet, or in locations where people might not expect to be under surveillance. As a general rule, signs should be more prominent and frequent in areas where people are less likely to expect that they will be monitored by a surveillance system

I try now to take notice of the signs when I enter a car park and I have noticed a lot of PPC managed car parks that use ANPR either do not display anything about ANPR at the entrance or have it in very small print on the entrance sign and they may again have it displayed in small print on smaller signs inside the car park.
In my case I complained to the BPA as their Code of Practice requires its members to use the ICO's code of practice if they are using ANPR and although I provided evidence the BPA maintained that the signs were In fact in line with the code of practice. I asked for them to show me where these sign met the requirements and they just stated that they were in line with the COP without providing evidence.
I have now raised the issue with the ICO as I feel the use of ANPR cameras in a lot of car parks is not obvious to people using them.

I feel if the BPA believe 'clear and prominent' to be what I have seen in many car parks and are allowing its members to display ANPR cameras usage in such a way it just gives these PPC's another way of entrapping a lot of people and making them believe they have done something wrong.
Better signage = less income. Rubbish signage = lots of income but could attract 'attention'.

So, something in the middle seems to get the cash rolling in whilst remaining just the right side of getting attention.
You must let people know when they are in an area where a surveillance system is in operation.

That could be handy.

if you look up the ICO registration of a PPC you often find that the listed purposes includes
"crime prevention"

its hogwash of course but so what ? they have officially declared that crime prevention is one of the purposes of the ANPR system. that has to be "surveillance " doesn't it ?
The Rookie
Athena's page
maintaining a cctv system for crime prevention and prosecution of offenders
also maintaining a system for the purpose of preventing unathorised or unwanted access to privately owned land and issuing and processing of parking charges on private land
maintaining our own accounts and records
administration of justice
promoting our own products and services
debt administration and factoring
private investigation
trading and sharing in personal information
to support and manage our employees

(Their spelling errors)
So none of that is what they ACTUALLY use it for, which even if you give them some leeway is "for sending out penalty charges to deter unauthorised or unwanted access to privately owned land" or "making a wacking great profit from sending out parking notice on the vaguest of excuses".
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