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Full Version: 17 seat Mini Bus Contravention of the overnight waiting ban
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i have just got a 17 seater mini bus from Whitefields School as they are renewing thier fleet, its actually 16 seats and a driver, its a variety club type bus, an iveco Daily 45c 2005, its classed as a mini bus on the registration document and is a PLG taxing catagory.
i got a parking ticket code 55 which i have since found out is an overnight ban so i moved it further up the road and could not see any visible signs and the next day got a parking ticket with the same reason, the sign is a small yellow rectacular sign with a lorry picture with 5T written on it also a picture of a coach/bus, ive trawled the internet and havent seen this sign also looked at Barnet websight but no picture of the sign and no description of the finer details of that sign.
both tickets were given at 2.30 in the morning by the same enforcement officer.
my point is as i am a garage and i repair cars and mini buses and have for the past 8 yrs parked mini buses on this road and its the first time i have ever got a ticket for this reason, i think as the mini bus is PLG and 16 seater plus driver then there is no parking restriction and that the mini bus was ticketed unfairly.
the sign is very ambiguous and doesnt state what the restrictions are on mini buses niether does Barnets parking website.
if anyone has any information on this subject it would be of great help before i write my appeal.

p.s their description of the minibus was it is white but it is blue,im not sure if this matters.
Mad Mick V
From the CEO handbook on Code 55:-
The contravention occurs when a commercial vehicle over the
indicated max gross weight (usually either 5 or 7.5 tonnes
excluding passenger carrying vehicles designed to carry fewer
than 13 passengers) waits in a restricted street during the
prescribed hours.

Need to see the traffic order to make sure.

What's its kerb weight?

Sign should be a permitted variant of 640.2A

Could do with seeing the PCN (At least one if both the same), any council photos (check their website) and a streetview link to the place.
Mr Mustard
Unless you are the man I bumped into in the local cafe (you aren't as I checked on 28/7), this is the second case of this I have heard of this week. I checked the location where the other minibus was collecting passengers and there were no signs.

I will follow this thread and have the ear of the parking manager if the CEO (traffic warden) has blundered.
Mr Mustard
I hope you haven't paid this PCN, OP

My blog on this question
The regs define a bus thus:
Mr Mustard
The council are relying on their own TMO rather than the TSRGD for the definition. They are in a right muddle on this. I was emailing two parking managers about it yesterday evening.
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