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Full Version: Bristol PCN, -1 minute observed time
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Lorum Ipsum
You guys helped me out last time, hoping once again.

Parked outside my house in May for 10-15 mins half in a parking bay half on double yellows as I was loading and the space wasn't large enough for the car and space to get into the boot.

Listed observation time is 11:58 to 11:57 (I.e -1 min)

They also claim at no point did they observe me loading. Given I was loading half a dozen large and heavy items from the top floor of my flat, 2-3 mins an item isn't unreasonable, total time ~15 mins.

No other location to park and builders were parked outside my garage to the rear of the property (not mine I hasten to add!) I was in a rush too.

I've appealed once in a polite way but they've rejected.

Does the observation time (-1 or 1 min) nullify the ticket?

Any help would be appreciated.

But stick with the loading, if accepted, should be a winner. But may need an adjudicator to accept.

Post up the PCN and a streetview link please
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Lorum Ipsum

Shame. I'll persue the loading angle.

Rather not post photos, far too easy to locate where I live!

I don't have the ticket on me at the moment, I'll scan it when I get home.

We need to know the road in any event, so no point not telling us.

Who cares what they see, if they did it might help them learn how to scope these matters, accumulate material and accurate data(which includes being able to allocate weighting to apparently conflicting accounts), determine the applicable legal framework and consider correctly.
Jo Carn
hcanderson is right, we need to see photos. How much over were you? If not a lot and you can prove you were loading then I would take it to an adjudicator. On the whole they live in the real world and would give the benefit of the doubt.
Just remove number plates from the photo.
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