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Have recieved NIP for 38 in 40. Speed limit used to be 40 and I didn't look (came off a motroway on to road.

The NIP has a section at the bottom which has a box which says " IHEREBY CERTIFY THAT A COPY OF THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN SERVED BY 1ST CLASS POST ON THE DATE SHOWN ABOVE. Then a signed.... Date / / and for official use only.

But its not signed and dated.

Althe box with Exhibit ref:- for official use only is empty.

However they sent details of a web site to view the photo.

Can this be construed as a faulty NIP?

Short answer is no.

If you mean 38 in a 30 limit you should be offered a speed awareness course if you have not done one in the last 3 years and the offence was in England or Wales. Costs slightly more but avoids the points.
If you think about it, how would the copy that they send you be signed as certifying service?
This has arisen before, apparently that wording is printed so that in the event of the matter going to court the police can sign it on their copy to present as evidence.
OK guys thanks. I'll try for the speed awareness course and send it back.
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