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My mum just got these today.
Neither this car or my mum has ever been in this area at all.
My mum lives in the north west of England. Any help or advise would gratefully received.

Get the council pictures, is it your car, if not report to the police, then send in the representation on the ground that driver did not have permission
If it is then we have to start again
Mad Mick V
If this is a case of cloned plates (it is Wormwood Scrubbs!) then you need to follow the lines of this thread:-

Neil B
It may just be a CEO has input a VRM incorrectly, entirely different vehicle:
We see enough like that from the opposite perspective.
Council pictures first please.
Good odds that it isn't Mum's car at all.
Neil gave the link to find them.
Photos related to this Penalty Charge Notice are not available for viewing online. Please allow up to 24 hours for PCN photos to become available online from the time of issue.

Thanks for all the advise, will just have to wait now and see what they say.
Local police have issued a crime number incase of cloned plates, and have submitted that this contravention did not occur.
Phone H&F.... ask for photos to be emailed.
Submitted offence did not occur, told them car has never been in the area, police had been informed and that photo evidence was required.
Tried to ring for photo evidence had no joy but got this in the post today 😀
Neil B
Nice one! biggrin.gif

Except -
Aren't you curious to know what happened.

It's a pathetic letter: If they checked and found they had pics of a different vehicle shouldn't they be telling you.

Given what you've told them, they have a responsibility to you AND, of course, the Police.

It's disgraceful: You still don't know if your car has been cloned?

Please don't settle for that.
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