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Full Version: MS90 - moved house and didnt update with dvla
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So looks like this is a common issue.

I received a notice that my licence has been revoked this morning due to having 6 points in the first 2 years (will be 2 years on the 30th May - conviction date is 19th May)

I moved a year ago and hadnt updated either my license address or logbook address with the dvla (in this time i adopted 2 children and this went to the bottom of a massive priority list!!). I updated my licence address at the beginning of this month and today i received this notice which is the very first knowledge that id even commited an offence.

I do not have any of the original notices as i no longer have access to my previous property and no mail has been forwarded.

Im aware i need to make a statory declaration with my local magistrates courts. Is there a way i can get copies of preciously sent letters/summons and notices?

Also... if i accept the speeding conviction and dispute the failure to give driver details is the penalty still 6 points?

Any advice would be appreciated!!

I live in a rural village 20 miles away from my kids school so could really do without having to retest sad.gif

QUOTE (Trixie17 @ Thu, 26 May 2016 - 17:42) *
if i accept the speeding conviction and dispute the failure to give driver details is the penalty still 6 points?

Depends on posted limit and alleged speed.
And how can i find this out if i dont have the original letters?
It's the date of the offence that counts towards revocation etc. (And not date of conviction)

Presuming you were the driver then the normal recommendation is to perform the SD and then offer to plead guilty to the speeding if they drop the s172 failing to furnish.

Unless the speeding was particularly excessive then your licence shouldn't be revoked.

This is assuming they have dual listed the charges but sometimes they don't which can make things harder as defending a s172 in these circumstances can be difficult as you contributed towards the failure. A s172 conviction is 6 points so you'll want to avoid that.

When performing the SD at court they often try and ask you to plead to the offences immediately - which obviously can't be done without knowing what the allegations are. They should be able to provide the paperwork but ensure you don't plead guilty to the speeding without knowing the s172 is dropped. (It's possible to end up with 9+ Points). Ultimately you may well have to plead not guilty to both offences if you do not have the information. Some courts process this as a matter of course but be prepared.

You will have to attend court once if not twice.
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