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Full Version: NIP received 80 in a 70-GPS showing 77mph
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New poster. Just received a NIP. Speeding on a Dual Carriageway-80 mph in a 70mph zone. Not disputing I was the driver but disgruntled that a dark blue camera van on the A14 East Bound Spittals Flyover Huntingdon clocked me at 80. My GPS unit indicated 77 mph and although exceeding the limit, I believed I was within the guidelines. Not eligible for a Course but no convictions in last 5 years.

Do I accept the £100 fine and 3 points or is a fight worth it?

Nothing you've mentioned will stand up in court, so i'd accept the CoFP.
How do you know what the speed reading on your GPS was when you were caught? Or to put it another way, how do you know exactly where you were caught (assuming that the speed reading wasn't constant for either 1km each side of the van, or at all points within the line of sight of the device within that locus)?

The devices typically used in the vans have a theoretical range of 1km, and give no indication (other than to the operator and the recording device) that a measurement has been made.

GPS can also under-read on inclines and bends.

The 10%+2mph guidelines were not created to allow drivers to drive to an 'unofficial limit', but to ensure a greater degree of certainty when convicting. If a device might be a couple of mph out, and you are prosecuted for doing 10mph over the limit, any doubts regarding a possible inaccuracy of a couple of mph would not mean that there was any doubt that you were exceeding the speed limit. I have nothing against exceeding the speed limit in general, but those who do run the risk of getting caught.
I know I was speeding, and as I drive long distances daily, and have been caught before, I'm well aware of the conviction risks. Just wanted to know if there was any out. There doesn't appear to be. My bad for not seeing the van on the bridge. Thanks to all those who've read this. Watch out on the A14!
The Rookie
I'm not sure how you think seeing the van will help, with a range of 1km on the most commonly used device and a time to take a reading of about 1/3 of a second, seeing a van and responding usually does nothing to reduce the speed measured.
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