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Full Version: S172 help
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Hi please if someone can help me workout what to do

I received a s172 82 in 70 on motorway
dated 21/03/2016

Date of offence 19/11/2015

Delay in receiving it because it was company car
I have been told I am not eligible for speeding course as my company did not reply quickly enough.
So do I have 28 days from date on letter 21/03 which makes it 18/04 to send s172 back??

Will I receive summons straight away because I think it will be close to 6 months if they send me a offer


The clock starts on the day the S172 request was served on you
That's presumed to be two days after posting

Your reply must arrive by Day 28 so 18th April is the last possible day to post it

I wouldn't delay
If you return it immediately you improve your chances of a Fixed Penalty offer

If not offered, you also improve your chances of persuading the magistrates that the delay that prevented a Fixed Penalty offer was no fault of yours

Keep a copy and ask for a receipt of sending from the Post Office
Yes, get your reply back ASAP and get a postal receipt. Then find out why your company was so tardy in responding, was the delay with them or a leasing company? Point out that the delay however caused has cost you the chance to settle this with a speed awareness course.
Thanks for replying

If they send me a cfpo and 28 days to reply to it will I not be over the 6 months ?
The 6 months is up on 19th May, 28 days prior to that is 21st April, so there is time if they act immediately. Consider guaranteed next day delivery.
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