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Full Version: Parking without a valid permit Resident's Permit Parking Area
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I would like to ask if anyone has any advice in respect of a parking Penalty I have been issues with?

I was issued with a penalty charge notice on 31/03/2016 by a civil enforcement officer. It was issued by a company called NSL Ltd on behalf of Bury Metropolitan Borough Council in accordance with The Traffic Management Act 2004. s.78; Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007.

I was attending a hospital physio appointment on this day and turned into a side street with a parking restriction sign at the entrance of the road, I then turned up a back street and into Rectory Lane where there is also a parking restriction sign at the entrance which I did not see as I turned into the street past the entry. I saw no parking restriction signage anywhere on the road further up so parked my car and went for my hospital appointment. I returned 40 or so minutes later to find a penalty charge notice (PCN) had been placed on my car.

I appealed the PCN and received a reply today stating that they had 'found no grounds for the cancellation of the charge as the vehicle was parked in a resident permit parking area without a valid permit on display. This area is restricted 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week. At all entrances to this area there are signs stating a permit is required when parking during restricted hours'.

I would appreciate any views on whether I could successfully appeal this PCN?

John U.K.
As usual, for best advice please post up PCN (both sides) and copies of correspondence to and from Council (all sides).

Do not attach docs/photos, but use this method:
Photo or scan. see
for how to do it. I use Tinypic for stage 2 with no problems.
STAGE 1 takes care of resizing. If you use Tinypic for Stage 2, on the left each image in Tinypic is a list of links. Highlight and copy the entire link 'for forums' from the list for each image, and paste each link into your post. Each copied and pasted link will embed a thumbnail link in your post.

Using the attachment method is not advised as it means quickly running out of attachment space.
Redact/obscure personal details, PCN no. Reg No.

Also post up a GSV (Google Street View) link to the location.
LEAVE IN all dates/times; precise location, Contravention code and description.
Click to view attachment

I have attached the letter i received from NSL Ltd on behalf of the council.


The google street view link is above showing Rectory Lane, Bury. I was parked further up the road around the bend outside number 40 Rectory Lane. I was parked there between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm on a Thursday afternoon.
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