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Full Version: Time on PCN incorrect (BST)
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I have received a PCN. THis time observed and time issued are incorrect by 1 hour. It's clear the machine has not be adjusted for British Summer Time.

Is this a valid appeal reason?

John U.K.
The time on the CEO's machine?

Can you prove your vehicle wwas elsewhere at the time alleged on the PCN?

As usual, for best advice please post up PCN (both sides)

Do not attach docs/photos, but use this method:
Photo or scan. see
for how to do it. I use Tinypic for stage 2 with no problems.
STAGE 1 takes care of resizing. If you use Tinypic for Stage 2, on the left each image in Tinypic is a list of links. Highlight and copy the entire link 'for forums' from the list for each image, and paste each link into your post. Each copied and pasted link will embed a thumbnail link in your post.

Using the attachment method is not advised as it means quickly running out of attachment space.
Redact/obscure personal details, PCN no. Reg No.

Also post up a GSV (Google Street View) link to the location.
LEAVE IN all dates/times; precise location, Contravention code and description.

Yes time on CEO's machine. I can't evidence where I was at the reported time as I was at home. I have record of my wife calling me to collect her and a recipt wit the correct time for the shop i was parked outside but no evidence I wasn't there an hour earlier (as stated on the PCN). I will upload the ticket.

It's clear (to me) that the machine used to issue the ticket has not been put forward one hour last weekend but I'm not going to be able to prove that I was somewhere else at the time sated on the ticket.

Mad Mick V
IIRC the process to be followed by the CEO on starting his/her shift is to regulate the hand held computer to the time exhibited on a ticket machine.

I would ask the Council for the CEO's notes particularly the synchronisation of the HHC.

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