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Full Version: 50R No Right Turn - Winchmore Hill Rd to Chase Road N14
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Dear PCN Fighters,

If there's something I hate, it's paying PCN's - especially when something isn't done intentionally.

So recently, I was going to visit the Balloon shop on Chase Road (I was in a real rush, needed the balloons for an engagement party for 3PM at Hackney huh.gif ), just off Winchmore Hill Road at Southgate (N14) but little did I know that I had to drive all the way around the roundabout from Winchmore Hill Road back into Winchmore Hill Road and then take the left into Chase Road (WTF!! Seriously, wtf is the point?).

But yeah, so I didn't see the No Right Turn signs and made my mind up to just turn right into Chase Road since, after the signs (which I completely missed), it just looks like a general entrance to a general turn. dry.gif

If there's any way to fight back this PCN or if anyone has successfully done so, I would really appreciate it if you can point me the right direction.

I'm attaching the PCN and the image of the entrance into Chase Road (really, look at that road entrance; why is there a no right turn restriction apart from performing daylight robbery?).

Thanks in advance!


There is no point in asking why there is a No Right Turn there, the fact is there is, so the only possible appeal ground is (1) lack of signs/obscured signs, or (2) fatal errors of content in the PCN. So, are the signs there, (GSV reference is useful here for us) ? It is unlikely the PCN will have fatal errors as councils have upped their game considerably following losing appeals based on us pointing out the errors !
Neil B
Sorry your intro to the forum isn't likely to be a good one Mehmet.

PCN is all correct technically speaking.

Signs (3) are clear.,-...3312!8i6656

Sorry I have nothing to help.

The NRT is most likely due to it being dangerous, with perhaps a record of accidents in the past.

The slight bend combined with proximity to the roundabout makes that likely.
Traffic exiting the roundabout onto WHRd have only two seconds max to react from what I can see.
Essentially, unless you can tell us why you missed the signs, it might be best to pay the discount in this case. Put it down as a learning opportunity in Life's Rich Pageant !
Since councils were barred from using CCTV to enforce parking they have moved on to general traffic offences where CCTV can be used and the cash stream maintained.
A quick look at the L T register for this, shows that adjudicators over the last year seem to find the signs adequate, so discount looks a good option I'm afraid
I live just round the corner from here. When I first moved here I was also caught out at this junction. There are signs but if you aren't concentrating they are very easy to miss as approaching from WH Road there doesn't seem any reason or expectation not to be able to turn right and the no right turn sign is a little before the junction so you don't see it when you actually reach the right turn.

The council used to situate a mobile CCTV smart car in the parking bays opposite and I guess it's a great revenue stream. Now I see they've automated the process by situating a camera on the post opposite.

Unfortunately I think you'll have to cough up like I did and make sure you remember not to do it next time! It's a real pain as I frequently come along that way and instead of turning into Chase Road I have to drive up the roundabout which is usually quite chocabloc with traffic.
Hey everyone,

I really appreciate the replies, I was aware this one was a long shot but I just thought I'll put it up just in case smile.gif They have the signs up there for NRT but only about approximately 10 meters before the actual turn. Easy to miss - but nevertheless, it is there.

This one really is a money trap (in my opinion), but it is what it is I suppose. I shall make the payment now sad.gif

Again, I really appreciate all of the replies people!!

Many thanks everyone!

All the best.

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