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Full Version: Metropolitan Police Camera Van
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Hi Guys,

Just a question saw a Metropolitan Police Ford Transit van earlier tonight at the bottom of Harrow Road in London.

It looked completely normal but the top part of the back had a red ring and was black inside I'm guessing for cameras ?

What are the purpose of them ? Was it to catch speeding ? I don't think I was anyway do they operate on a 10% + 2mph policy if it was for speeding ?

Anyway here is a crudely edited picture for reference :-D

Click to view attachment

As far as I recall, the Met work on a 10% + 3mph policy.

That isn't for speed - the portal is too high and too small for that. It's for ANPR, so things like checking for MOTs, tax, insurance, etc. Did you notice a plethora of coppers around by the van, undercover or not?

Similar to that?
I suspect but don't know for sure, that if the doors were opened, there would be a cage to put miscreants in.
What was called the Paddy Wagon.
Certainly doesn't look like any camera van I've seen, as Typefish shows, they normally have camera signs/wording all over them.
I was heading towards the van - it was a typical metropolitan police van but only with the high part there like I drew with my amazingly good paint skills.

There was a traffic car that shot off up the road after someone in the other direction - do the vans only work on traffic going away from the cameras and not towards them ?

Also thats what threw me off as it wasn't like any sort of camera van I've seen before.

It was literally the van I pictured above with that camera hole exactly where I drew it on.

ANPR is probably the most likely thing with what else I saw, I just didn't know so thought I would ask ! smile.gif

Just noticed the similar to that post below your picture - yes the camera level was that high and across the back like that, but it wasn't flaps, it was like a dark glass screen with a red ring around it.
The Rookie
Sounds like an ANPR setup, each camera will be focused on a lane, so depending on the location they could be monitoring traffic both ways (as they could if it were a speed camera).
Sounds right, bit sneaky ! Seen loads of them popping up over the past few weeks !

Haven't seen them about a lot before.
The Rookie
Sneaky in what way?

SneaKy as in going out of there way to detect crimes (that many on here argue create a greater risk than speeding) and taking action? Isn't that what the Police are supposed to do?

Anything to reduce my additional premium each year for covering uninsured drivers accidents or the increased risk created by unlicensed drivers in ratty cars with no MOT?
Granted, I do appreciate them taking the uninsured and unlicensed drivers off the road - although this rarely seems to bring my premiums down, ever, I just meant the perceived shift towards more automated fine bearing prosecutions rather than good old fashioned police work.

But that is just my perception and probably not the reality.
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