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Full Version: 2 NtO without PCN from Camden Council
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Hi all,

I live in South Hampstead, have a valid resident permit, and always park my car in the streets nearby my flat. Back in November I supposedly was served 2 PCN one day after another (26th and 27th) for having parked in a suspended space. I’d like to seek advice from you because there are several things that seem a bit suspicious to me:

- I never found any PCN served on the car (nor in the post). I was therefore totally unaware of this until I received 2 NtO in the post the 12th of January, asking me to pay £130 x2 (one for every day). You can see in the photo of the car the PCN on the windscreen, but I never found any PCN on my car

- I am usually extremely careful when I park to check that there are no suspensions, and never leave my car unchecked for more than 2 days. I am thinking the suspension could have been put in effect really late, but I have no means of checking this now unfortunately

- the car was never moved in those two days, so I basically got 2 tickets for the same contravention. Reading on the forum it seems they can do that, but since I could not know until the NtOs arrived in the post now I have to pay 260 pounds, which honestly seems disproportionate for me, considering the car was not even moved because I was unaware of it!

- the suspension sign in itself is my opinion a bit misleading: it says from 08 till 10 from the 26th till the 27th. I did not see it at all, but still I would have probably interpreted it as 08am to 10am of the 26th and not the 27th.

All in all, I would be potentially ok to pay a discounted charge if they allowed me, but I never found trace of these so I am now facing 2 x 130 pounds and this is in my opinion not acceptable. I am attaching the 2 NtO below. Thanks to all who can give me an advice on how to act.

Thanks again,

As you now have the NtO, with the full PCN penalty in play, it is a no-brainer to take them all the way to adjudication if necessary as the cost to you will be the same, but the dosh they get afterwards will be a lot less because it costs them if you do this.
If it were me, I'd appeal on the basis that you never received the original PCNs, and despite checking regularly, saw no [parking suspension signs. In addition, you point out you are a resident holding a resident permit and are always particularly careful when you park your car. You also point out that the car wasn't moved over the period, therefore you consider it to be a continuous contravention, and only one PCN is valid.

See what they say, and post up their reply. They may offer the discount if they've got any sense, but sense is seriously lacking in council parking departments.

You're a bit late coming on this forum, BTW.
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