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Full Version: new question on temp speed restrictions (edited vague locus)
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I have another query but have added it to this post as, even though my query has nothing to do with vague locus, I have been chastised for stating too many threads.

So my question is....

DOes anyone know if exceeding a temp speed restriction on a motorway is an endorsable offence.

Responses will be greatly appreciated.

(Please don't tell me off Mods)
Insider said

We seem to have recently been suffering from a problem on the forums....

Can Members PLEASE STOP making new threads when they already have a thread running.

If you can't find your thread, log in to your account as normal and click on your own user name, this will take you to the “Viewing Profile” menu. On the right hand side of your profile there is a “Profile Options” tab - click the tab and choose “Find member’s posts”.

Posting multiple threads does NOT help you nor your case as it makes the threads very difficult to follow and lots of members just won't bother trying to work out exactly what has gone on.

It also makes life very difficult for the moderation team who have to try and lock the threads, and repost the information across to your other live thread if they can be bothered.

Whilst everyone is very helpful and understanding, it's in the FAQ and we've said it that many times that many just don't bother anymore.

If you want help which we will give freely, you must be willing to help yourself somewhat.

Why don't you either use the search engine (as has already been suggested to you by nemo)


Post your questions in your original thread.

You are starting to take over this whole forum (or is that your intention?)
i'm sorry i didn't want to antagonise. What would you like me to post this on as it's a different topic surely?
Read this.
I think Buff has a valid point here. Otherwise - everyone here will only ever have one thread per offence... If it's a different subject, it's a different subject and should be put under a new subject heading.
The Rookie
One case one thread...rule number3! (rules 1 and 2 are scammers always lie!)
I have edited the initial post (for fear of being accused of hijacking this board) to add another query about temp speed restrictions.

Any ideas anyone?
Yes it is endorsable.
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