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Full Version: Council PCN - wrong reg? any way of escaping it? :)
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Hi all,

I'm working as a delivery driver for a take away for some extra cash and got a ticket for parking in a loading bay.

Yes I know I shouldn't have, but it was raining and was empty with not much traffic about.

And yes i'm looking to see if you guys think I can get off on a technicality, morally wrong probably but I can't afford to fork out £35!!

On the ticket the reg is showing as:


Whereas my reg is (example):


Am I right they must issue notice to reg keeper within 14 days? Or does this PCN simply act as that..? And if so they are obviously not going to be able to send me photos so perhaps by time they look at the photos the guy took it would have passed the 14 days....

Using GSF website the reg number they hold appears to be invalid...

P.S. the ticket is from the council and not a private car parking company.
Only a small technicality but a vital one.
The PCN MUST include the vehicle registration number.
If the difference is as great as you say, two digits wrong, this is fatal to the PCN.

You can safely ignore it.
You can write to them advising that the Reg is incorrect and as such they must cancel. Include a copy of the PCN if you do.

Either way, keep the PCN safe as a lottery ticket, you have a winner.

If, by any chance they do try to follow up and send a notice to owner, an easy win.

BTW, a Notce to Owner can only be sent out after 28 days, maximum 6 months
John U.K.
+ 1

(This was a PCN affixed to the vehicle and not a postal one??)
If you ignore it, the owner of the car with the reg no printed on the PCN will receive the NtO.
So it is public-spirited to notify the Council of their mistake.

If you wish no further involvement, send a copy (as DD says, keep very safe the original - there may be photographs) with a covering note (without name and address) along the following lines
[Date of note]
To whom it may concern
The other day I returned to my vehicle to find a PCN (copy enclosed) affixed to my vehicle. As the registration mark is not that of my vehicle, I consider it my duty to notify you.

Keep a copy of the note safe with the original PCN.

They cannot re-issue with a different

The only time a wrong reg mark may be dubious as a get out is if it concerns 1 and I or 0 and O (letters and numerals). So please confirm these are not involved before sending.

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