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Full Version: Debt recovery Plus notice + Parking eye
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I got a parking ticket for overstay in a store last year. Appealed on medical grounds. Appeal rejected. Then I contacted the store manager and he wrote to Parking eye not to pursue the matter with me. Then I did not hear from them . After a year got a letter from a from called Debt recovery Plus to pay the amount or else they say they will take the matter to court.

1) Spoke to the store manager and he wrote to them again
2) spoke to Debt recovery plus, they say they have no info about letter from manager and asked to speak to Parking eye
3) Spoke to Parking eye. They said they did not receive any letter from the store manager and what ever communication I need to do I need to do it with Debt recovery Plus.

These guys are passing me around.

The store manager has written to Parking eye. Parking eye is pleading ignorance asking me to do any communication with Debt recovery plus.
Any idea? suggestions?

Any idea? suggestions?

You have a statement (a promise) from the store. That overrides ParkingEye.

Spoke to Parking eye.

Write to ParkingEye not call and tell them that twice you have had confirmation from the store that they cancelled. You can't be held responsible for the internal arrangements of ParkingEye/DR+ and they should either confirm cancellation or issue a claim. If they do neither, and continue to harass you, you will take the matter up with both the DVLA and Trading Standards.

The promise from the store is enough for most judges and you'd win against PE. They are notorious for the level of deceit - as described by a Judge - that they use.

Going back to deceit make sure you have proof of posting from Royal Mail and send a copy to DR+ too.

If they continue to harass, then you must escalate.
Send letters FIRST CLASS with proof of posting smile.gif
Please regard this complaint as a Letter Before County Court Action.

I hold your company liable for the actions of its agent under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 Para 7(3A).
Cancel the Parking Notice or tell Debt Recovery Plus to immediately cease all contact with me and confirm within seven days of service of this letter that you have done so.

I reserve the right to take action against both your companies without further notice if I receive any demands after this date.
The only exception is a properly formatted Letter Before County Court Action signed by your company's legal officer.
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