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Full Version: Tips for traffic commissioner hearing to get LGV licence back
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Hi guys,

I'm nearing the end of a 6 month ban for totting up. All SP30 offences.

To get my LGV licence restored I have to have a hearing with the traffic commissioner.

Does anybody have any experience on what to expect and any tips for the hearing?

How many of the speeding offences were obtained while driving a truck?

None of them, all in my car. Is there any way to provide proof of this?

I've not done much LGV driving since passing but plan to in the future.
I doubt that the TC will make much of a ban for speeding, but I would highlight the fact none were in a truck.
As for working with a recent ban,good luck.
QUOTE (fedup2 @ Sun, 4 Oct 2015 - 13:45) *
I doubt that the TC will make much of a ban for speeding, but I would highlight the fact none were in a truck.
As for working with a recent ban,good luck.

We've got a delivery driver who used to come into work- he was banned for 6 months totting (phone and speeding offences, all in his rigid truck). He now works in the companies call centre as 'the ban might as well last for years rather than months'- his company couldn't get him insured without the cost being totally unaffordable.

I'm assuming this is the case for most truckers coming off bans?
Many, many many years ago, I had to attend a TC, in Birmingham. I got My then HGV back with no problem. You may have to attend an eye specialist to confirm the quality of your eye sight. and also a blood test should your ban have been related to any drink problem, but otherwise it is normally straight forward, You will be asked certain questions regarding your work ethic, and the future of any employment within the haulage industry, ( it won't hurt to state that you are looking at employment in the industry very shortly and have some positive feedback as regards to employment ).
Be courteous, speak clearly, and don't get flustered by them, the TC is normally made up of old fuddy duddy colonel, sergeant major types. At least they were at mine in the early 90s.

Best of luck.
The TCs are no longer fuddy-duddy colonel types; 2 are ladies who can be complete dragons if you are a "really naughty buy", the rest are professional people. I've met a couple of them in the course of business, usually at meetings of my professional body and the TCs giving chats on what they do.

As others have said, be polite and speak clearly, don't BS, they are very used to detecting that, and you should be ok. Drive a bot slower in future. What TC have you been invited to meet?

there was an article in RouteOne bus magazine a week or two ago featuring all the Traffic Commissioners if you care to delve through their online archive.
The meeting was OK.

It was an usher and the traffic commissioner in a court style room.

He asked me about my speeding offences. I said I need to be more responsible in the future. I didn't realise that my LGV licence would be dealt with separately at the time, so that will definitely make me more responsible, I don't want to lose it.

He said stop speeding in the future and also remember not to use my mobile phone. I went on a course a few years back (can't remember how many) for a mobile phone offence. I guess this history was also in front of him.

I got an extra month ban to get my LGV licence back.
One of my fellow coach drivers was banned for 6 months from driving. All speeding in a coach!
He got his licence back straight away, I believe a major factor was that his previous employer was willing to start him immediately.
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