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Full Version: Another Civil Enforcement Ltd one....
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Luke Piewalker
Sorry guys, I just jumped on here looking for confirmation of what I think I understand, not been on the forum for so long I have lost my original log in details, I think more than a decade since I was an active poster LOL, glad you are still here!!

In brief, my wife took my car to a leisure centre in England and should have been entitled to use the car park there for less than 3 hours whilst using the leisure centre facilities. BUT she forgot to enter my reg no into what ever system they have there to ensure you don't get busted by the ANPR system.

SO - I've been busted by the ANPR system. I have received a Parking Charge Notice from Civil Enforcement Ltd for the incident on 06/09/2015, issued on 21/09/2015 and received on 23/09/2015. There was no ticket on the vehicle at the time or any prior contact with my wife. They have got my details from the DVLA.

From what I can see, they can only come after me as keeper via the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 if a notice has been delivered to the keeper's address within a period of 14 days beginning with the day after the parking incident.

This was 17 days to reach me, 15 days before they even posted it, I can just tell they to naff off and leave me alone because of this, right??

cheers lads

Lukey smile.gif
Tart it up a bit

You weren't the driver
The driver was entitled to park
The driver didn't agree to pay them £100 for a trivial inconvenience
They haven't lost £100
If they disagree, send the POPLA code
Luke Piewalker
Updated to say that they cancelled this ticket without any fuss - hooray, one less thing to ball about with!
It's a rollover. Well done.
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