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Full Version: Red Light or Speeding Camera
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Any help is appreciated.

I was on the East Lancs near Tyldsley ( dual carriageway) and came to a set of lights. I tuned in to the right turn feeder lane and turned right as the lights went on Red.

I noticed on the other side of the road a yellow camera ( just before the lights on the other side of the road).....i'm worried that that camera will have recorded me going through the red light or is is a speed/red light camera for the other side of the road only.

Hope that makes sense.

Any advice appreciated.
A camera on the other side cannot be used to enforce red light offences. Checking that area I notice that the junction with the A557 has cameras on both sides. However the junction with Walkden Road only has one on the eastbound side. So which junction were you crossing?
The Rookie
All cameras that enforce red lights are rear facing, the only static camera used front facing is Truvelo and that only does speed.

I was on the East Lancs (A580) turning right on to the A579....hope that helps.
There is only an eastbound camera and you were travelling westbound. No way you could have triggered the camera.
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