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Full Version: Driving through box junction, cut off by vehicle and stuck in box.
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I was literally driving through when a vehicle in the right hand lane switched at the last minute, essentially cutting me off and basically leaving me with no choice but to be stuck in the box. I could have reversed out of it but that would be dangerous. I was in the box for about 15-25 seconds.

Will I get a ticket? This was in East London. huh.gif
I suppose it depends on who sees what happened. Common sense would say they should do nothing but we all know what the game is . If you do get one come back and post up a scan of what you got with all personal details masked off or edited out . There should be a video as well which should confirm your version of what happened.
Most adjudicators will decide based on whether it was reasonable of you to enter the box at the time you entered,, i.e. you could expect to exit the box and not need to stop. This does not, however, include following vehicles into the box and being forced to stop in the box behind them if they stop.

Essentially, if your exit from the box was clear when you entered, but after you entered someone barged-in and made you stop, the contravention did not occur. So you need to view the video to confirm your story is correct as that is what an adjudicator will look at as it is the only evidence.

However, you have yet to receive a PCN, so if you get one, post it here for help.
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